BLOWING UP THE DAM!!! Max saves FUNnel Vision family! || Kids Animation! Max & Midnight Episode 7

MAX & MIDNIGHT ADVENTURES (Agents of Awesome Cartoons)

  • Release Date: 29 Okt 2016
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Blowing up the Dam!!! Max saves the FUNnel Vision family! || Kids Animation! Max & Midnight Episode 7

Midnight is up to no good and trying to ruin FUNnel Fam's nature adventure when he tries to flood the city by blowing up the dam! Watch and find out what happens & thumbs up for more!!

Max and Midnight – Episode 7
(Max and Buster stare up at dam while the family plays nearby. Sticky bombs attached to dam are counting down from 30 seconds)
Max: “Uh, ahh….ahh”
Five Minutes Ago
(At campsite Mom and Shawn unpack food while Lex sets up a tent. Mike, acting like a zombie,
chases Chase. Max and Buster are building a fire. Dad is filming.)
Dad: “Isn’t it nice to get out in nature for a change?”
(Mike is still chasing Chase)
Dad: “All right guys. Come on. I’m going to show you how to build a fire. Ha ha ha.”
(Noticing Max and Buster already have made fire.)
Dad: “Wow Max. Nice. Where’d you learn how to do that?”
Max: “I’s one of your basic life skills Dad. Building shelter, identifying safe water
sources, foraging...all critical in life threatening situations.”
(Everyone is staring at Max)
Max: “Just kidding. YouTube. I saw it on YouTube.”
Dad: “Okay, okay. But did that video teach you how to survive...a zombie apocalypse? Roar!
(Chase, Mike and Lex scream and run away. Max’s watch beeps and he lowers his goggles.)
Mission Control: “Max. Code Red! Midnight is planning to blow up the dam and flood the entire
city! You have to hurry!”
Max (looking at Buster): “I’ll get more firewood. Be right back!”
Mom: “Hurry Max. The s’mores assembly line is open for business.”
(Dad starts eating his s’more while other kids giggle)
Midnight: “Hmm, hmm. City’s water supply at peak levels? Check. Sticky bomb launcher in
place? Check. Soon Max will be sleeping with the fishes.”
Scratch: “What fish? I’m starving.”
(Midnight fires sticky bomb which attaches to dam wall)
Midnight: “Pass me a sticky bomb Scratch.”
Scratch: “Pass me a fish Midnight.”
Midnight: “What? Ahh” ( he tosses a rot pocket to ground)
Scratch: “There better be fish later.”
(Max and Buster run up and see sticky bomb sail through air and attach to dam. There is a 30
second countdown clock on bomb)
Midnight: “One more should do it!” (fires bomb)
Max: “Step away from the dam Midnight!”
Midnight: “You know what Max? I think I will. Scratch doesn’t like to get wet.”
Scratch: “He he he meow” (Falls to ground sound asleep. Midnight scoops Scratch up and runs
Midnight: “Hmmm, ha ha ha ha. Good luck disarming them all in time!”
(Midnight hits button and flies off. Bombs are now counting down from 30 seconds)
Max: “Uh, that’s not good.”
(Max looks at Buster)
Max: “Uh, hmmm, Buster, fetch!”
(Buster nods, ignites his jet pack and flies up to dam, pulling bombs off and dropping them by
Buster: “Now what do we do?”
(Max takes off his pants)
Buster: “Oh, that was, that, I was not expecting that!”
Max: “Hand me your jet pack!”
(Max ties off pants legs, inserts bombs, and attaches jet pack)
Max: “There we go.”
(Max hits launch button, “package” soars into air and explodes)
(Max’s family is sitting around picnic table as Max and Buster return with firewood)
Dad: “Ah, fresh outdoors”
Max: “Hey hey, got the firewood.”
Dad: “ Dude uh, where are your pants?”
Just then, Max’s destroyed pants float down from sky and land on picnic table. Everyone stares)
Max: “Ummm, oh, there they are.”
Mike laughs and Buster barks

Family - The FUNnel Vision family
Max - Nicolas Roye
Midnight - Matt Schneck
Scratch - Leigh Lahav
Buster - Alex Clark
Mission Control - Megan Kane

Directed by: Todd Grossman
Written: Elissa Vallano
Produced by: Jake Krengel
Executive Produced by: Mike Bienstock & Nate Higgins
Created by: Todd Grossman
A Bluerock Creative Production
Animation by: Cartoon Conrad
Original Score by: Paul Fraser
Sound Design & Mix by: Atlas Oceanic Sound & Picture
Edited by: Graham Higgins & Jake Krengel
Audio Recording by: Tom Hooper


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