Come As You Are (feat. Crowder)


  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2014-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:43

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  • Pure Christ filled Music

    By PGH JKR3
    We talk about sharing Christ with others and in the world when of being PC its so refreshing to see Crowder band of Christ fill artist do just this. He open the door to the pure message of Jesus “Come as You Are” but does it in a way that does respects the message of Christ and the word of God found in the bible, all we need to do is what he is doing removing the “other stuff” and getting to the message of hope in Jesus Christ.
  • This cuts to the chase!!

    By Rad user
    Well, I'm blown away.... I'm not a big Christian music fan at all. In fact, I find most of what I've seen and heard overindulgent, inauthentic and piously pretentious. This was none of these. " Come as you Are" cuts to the chase and heart of faith, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance of all and is devoid of self righteousness. The performance is moving, healing and most importantly all inclusive. My wife heard the song then saw the video and said " when I heard his voice I thought he was a clean cut, great looking Christian boy but when I saw the video I was shocked to see who was singing it", my response, " that's what I loved most about it". This is the kind of faith based music that will draw folks off the fence that don't meet the "shin y, happy people profile", the common man and woman. I've turned a lot of "non-Christian music type people on to this and without exception all of them have loved it. Not only that, it inspired conversations about faith that wouldn't happen with "my way or the highway" Christian music. Keep up the great work, I loved watching the inner passion and humility of all of the group members. One word of caution for Crowder: You are amazingly gifted by the Almighty to share your faith BUT beware of the cunning demon that is patiently waiting to make this all irrelevant....EGO. Peace

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