Bully (Remixes) - Single - Shinedown

Bully (Remixes) - Single


  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2012-11-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 3

  • ℗ 2012 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. f


Play Title Time Download
Bully (FreqMachine Remix) 4:09  
Bully (God's Army Remix) 3:55  
Bully (Figure Remix) 4:07  


  • Calm Down

    By shinedown4life
    This is an example of why people are horrible in the music industry. You can't give the band a bad rating, just because they messed with a different genre of music. I'm sure if they redid a country song, we would have country haters turning their nose to Shinedown. This band is unbelievable, and introducing a new spectrum of music is a bold and awesome step. They aren't switching to dub step, so what does it matter? If ten people enjoy these songs, then job well done. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Shinedown is an alternative rock band, and always will be. Amazing album and can't wait for your ten singles to come out. Any one wanting to give a bad review, can direct it my way.
  • Pretty good

    By Docking Master
    While I am not one for dubstep at all, these remixes are pretty good. They are a little too dubstepish at times but it's a remix album, you have to be a little open minded wen comes to things like this.
  • What the hell

    By I have a runny nose
    What were they thinking
  • Breaking News: There are more genres than hard rock. Get over it.

    By d_eicholz
    So it turns out that hard rock isn't the only kind of music there is. Also, there are no laws that say you must only like one genre. That being said, I am sure the guys realize this. For example Brent loves Lady Gaga. It is not that crazy of an idea that one of the guys likes EDM such as dubstep. Especially with its recent spike in popularity. So these remixes are for people such as myself, who have loved Shinedown for many many years, but also like other genres like this. For me, it is amazing to see two kinds of music that I love so much come together. Also, some reviews have mentioned that they need to stop doing things like this and just make more music. That is silly as this release literally took no time out of the days of any of the band members and did not disrupt them making new music. Some roots were sent out to these dubstep producers who then did what they wanted to them and sent back the finished product. Bottom line, this could have been released or it could have never happened. But it doesnt affect anything else and thus is fantastic for the people who enjoy it.
  • Amazing

    By tbooth21
    How about you all just shut up? Your egotistical comments about how rock music had BETTER NOT mesh with another genre...blah blah blah...ruins its integrity...blah blah blah... How about you all just leave your stupid comments to yourself...idiots who have given this 1 star all because you don't enjoy the genre of these remixes. That's like me going and rating a jazz CD knowing I don't enjoy jazz music. I love Shinedown...I love EDM, particularly dubstep and drumstep...and from that angle, I can say that this is amazing. If you don't like electronic music, then you have no business rating this CD...just move on to your next review and leave this one be, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, whether you enjoy it or not. This is not something new or unique. If you don't believe me, listen to Lost In The Echo - Linkin Park (Killsonik Remix) or Under And Over It - Five Finger Death Punch (Kill The Noise Remix). Love it.
  • Good mix of rock and electronica

    By Ffgghgjhggggfhgfrhfsswwfhjhh
    Just from listening to the previews it is a good album . With the electronica I understand why the album has received a low rating so far as many here are probably rock fanboys . If you like rock and electronica you will love this album . Cheers .
  • Surprising And Rather Satisfying.

    By CassyD45
    First of all, I am a massive Shinedown fan!! Brent Smith's voice just heals all wounds. Second of all, with dubstep going more mainstream now, to continue in this ever changing business you have to mesh to what the general public want to hear. This is nothing like all of their other stuff, but change is good every once and awhile. If it all sounded the same that wouldn't be fun at all. So personally, I absolutely love the fact that they are branching out and trying new things. Without a doubt I will perchase this to add to the Shinedown collection. =)
  • Cut the Crap Guys!

    By Gordodustin
    I've been a fan of Shinedown since Us and Them came out, and have followed the band by buying their albums, seeing them live, and spreading the word on recent news over the years. I understand that a band has to evolve, and that means that their sound will change. But this is just ridiculous!! It's obvious that the record label wanted to try to score some extra money over the holidays. It's by far the worst thing this band has ever released. Please guys, cut this crap and go back to what made you good in the beginning. Thanks
  • Meh I think i will pass on these....

    By Geekboycc
    Just listing to the previews I am not impressed... I am even a fan of the rock/Dubstep/Techno thing.. But these sound horrible... They sound cheap not thought out at all... Shinedown I love your music but this is crap....
  • Disgraceful!

    By Simbain
    Yuk!!!! What in the hell are you guys doing????


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