Shinedown - EP - Shinedown

Shinedown - EP


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-06-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 4

  • ℗ 2006 Atlanic Recording Corp. for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the


Play Title Time Download
I Dare You (Acoustic Version) 3:43  
Save Me (Acoustic Version) 3:22  
Break 3:56  
Save Me (Pull Mix) 4:19  


  • Break

    By Joey The Pig
    I have also followed Shinedown for a very long time. I have (what I thought was all of their music-including Deluxe material on all previous releases). Then I see this EP, with one song (Break, which is great...but not paying $3.49 for one song, as I have the other songs, not accoustic versions, but have them). This trend with bands is killing my enthusiasm...seems shortly after a new release, the trend is to re-release with "Bonus Tracks" or as "EP's", and wanting additional money ...this pretty much rapes the avid fans, and that just is not right! All new material should be available as a single download, like "Break". Just my opinion....and I am not happy!
  • come on

    By libscantdebate
    i hate that album only crap good song but not dishin 3.50 for one song but then i did anyway
  • <333

    By ChikachikabooomboomPOW
    I love Break!!!! It kiiiiiinda sounds a little bit like Daughtry... Just a little bit ;) Still, love it!!! <333
  • Through the madness, lies mellow.

    By Jakobio
    Shinedown is the best rock band out there! Everything those band members have been through! I admire them all! They can express the utmost power, love, soul, and will. Like no other band! Shinedown is one of a kind. There own. Shinedown is known as uplifting and influential to me. They are the word that has not yet been made a word! The indescribable feelings and emotions that everyone has now heard! Keep coming with new albums Shinedown! You guys rock!!
  • Both ends of the spectrum

    By BritTheWelder
    Shinedown is one of those gifted bands that can effortlessly glide between hard rock and mellow acoustic. Most bands try to play a soft version of a hard song or vice versa and it comes out sounding wrong and crappy. Shinedown succeeds where others fail. Excellent work!
  • Sweetness

    By sportswhiz57
    To tell the truth i only bought this album for Break but i really like the acoustics, although im not a huge fan of the Pull mix on Save me, it was still worth it though
  • shinedown

    By sportsman15
    shinedown is an amazing band that really knows how to bring it. I bought this whole album just to get break and i felt it was worth it. If you are a true shinedown fan BUY THIS ALBUM
  • Awesome band!!

    By hoffmant
    I love the ringing acoustics!! Shinedown is just a great band all in all.

    By music xx33
    I Love this but I only want the song Break! Help Itunes!
  • I only want break too

    By Tragicourt
    Can we put devour on this disk and make break a single? I'd much rather have break. Devour makes them sound somewhere between Disturbed (who I like) and Metallica (I don't like) and nothing like Shinedown. Way too repetative and lacking the thoughtful, clever lyrics I love.


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